In the processes of research over the years were created a number of different models for the different needs and applications - for dry or wet grinding, for harder or softer materials. The technology with curved edges and vertices leads to completely new horizons and opportunities for the grinding bodies. Unlike spheres, this technology of efficient crushing makes possible to grind also various elastic materials, thereby the RELO Grinding Bodies offer producers the opportunity for new customers and markets. Thus the RELO products uncover thousands of new businesses, companies, dozens of industries using mills, either for dry or wet grinding of ore, cement, gypsum, lime, feed, paint and chemicals, recycling and whatnot.


• They contribute to a better and more qualitative grinding of coal for the needs of the furnaces in the thermo-electric power-stations;

 in chemical industry for the production of paints, varnishes and others;

 in pharmacy for the production of raw materials for medications;

• in livestock breeding for the production of chalk for animal fodder;

• in agriculture for phosphate fertilizers (phosphates and apatite);

• in construction industry for the production of raw and other materials and also in the production of cement;

• in processing and recycling of used tires, electronics and others.

 in processing and recycling of rubber, plastics and other household and industrial waste.